Blockage vs Flowing

We have a guest author today, my wife Mary Loeffelbein.

She wrote this several years ago, sharing about our journey through life.

Shared with permission.

An observation : (warning – this may get graphic)
I learn things best the hard way. Here is what I have learned about blockage versus flowing.

Firstly – interesting to me that the word “damage” contains the word “dam” which is a form of blockage.

A few years ago – I had tumors in my intestines. Yuck. I know. I was within an hour or so (estimate from a nurse who intubated me in the ER when my belly was swollen as if I were ready to deliver a baby and was becoming septic but refused to go to the hospital when my poor husband begged me to go. Thank you Peter for your long suffering and getting through that with me). That tumor blockage was killing me. As gross as it is – flow keeps us alive.

Then this past month I have been miserable with headaches. I kept calling them mini-migraines, tension headaches or blaming them on my fall allergies. I have been too dull to think, too tired to work and too grumpy to play. (Again I am grateful for my awesome hubby, sorry Love!)

Then, wonder of wonders – I took my own advice that I constantly dole out to students – I hydrated the air in my house constantly, hydrated myself, took a barrage of sinus draining meds on a consistent basis, slept more, drank water religiously. The “dam” broke. I am free. I woke up feeling like suddenly my body was oxygenated, my brain even feels brighter.

How many other areas of my life am I “blocked” and allowing something to be starved of what it needs to live?

I know I need to keep the living water flowing in my life (thanks God for Your Word) and I need to keep relationships flowing – keeping them from stagnating and creating dams that bring damage.

Just an observation. I want to clean up all of my blockages.

Mary Loeffelbein.

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