“The ground is open, dig”

I feel like I’m walking out of a dense foggy forest, spiritually. I have not been able to see and I am all banged and scratched. This post could be the result of that.

I also feel like my creative part of my brain is speeding up. Like for months I have not had a creative or original thought. This post could just be my brain connecting disparate things.

Well here goes.

I was disappointed in myself for digging the cho reservoir so shallow. I thought I might have it full by April but by January 11 I am almost at the top. I kicked myself for not making it bigger. Earlier this week I thought “ hey, I can just dig another one!” Today is Friday, Wednesday (?) I tried to stick a shovel in the ground and it actually made a “tink-tink” sound. Totally frozen. Today, Friday January 11 I thought I would try again. Bam! 10 minutes of digging and I am almost as big as Cho reservoir 1.

Here is the application my racing creative brain is making which could be the Holy Spirit speaking.

“The ground is open, dig!”

Is there spiritual territory that you’re called to dig into but you don’t think that the time is right?

“The ground is open, dig!”

Is there a person God is prompting you to tell them about Jesus? “The ground is open, dig!”

Maybe it’s just for me. But maybe, and I hope it is, this is a word to the church, “The ground is open, dig!”

Author: Peterloeffelbein

I am a man. I am an older man. I am a husband and a dad and a grandpa. I am a disciple of Jesus. Because I am a disciple of Jesus much of what I write is about him, and I usually end what I write with a question, do you the reader know that Jesus loves you? He does. He loves us all but he loves you specifically. He loves me specifically. What will you do with that information today?

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